Gin Z44 Distilled Dry Gin

Z44 Distilled Dry Gin (1x 0,7l) - Gin with pine cones, traditionally distilled in South Tyrol by the most awarded distillery in Italy

Kuntrawant Espresso

Bio, 100% Arabica

Homemade jam

Homemade jam

Chef Raphael's homemade jam. Depending on the season, it is available in raspberry, apricot or strawberry flavours.

Kuntrawant filter coffee

Ground coffee, 250 g in a tin

Chemex filter coffee set

with Kuntrawant filter coffee.

NEW: Our water bottle (0,75 l)

Our new stylish water bottle.



Bandana scarf

Bandana scarf

As a scarf, bracelet or to decorate your bag.

Hammam towel

Hammam towel

Versatile as sauna, bath and beach towel as well as pareo and lounger cover.

Straw clutch

Straw clutch

Indispensable for always having everything you need at hand!

Straw bag

Straw bag

Straw bag with short handles.

Straw bag with initials and bandana

The straw bag with short handles can be painted with your initials. Just ask at the reception or in Studio 40a what is possible.

Straw bag with initials and stripes

The straw bag can also be personalised with initials and stripes. Simply choose your favourite colours and initials at the reception or directly at ... [...]

Wellness bag

Wellness bag

Sustainably made from ecological cellulose. Washable and handmade in Italy.


Not Just a Body Wash

Our Body Wash is also no ordinary body wash and refreshes wonderfully with mint.

Not Just a Bodylotion

The body lotion with arnica is ideal for tired muscles.

Not Just a Leg Gel

Wonderfully refreshing after a exhausting or sporty day.

Not Just a Liquid Soap

If you like powdery fragrances, you will love our hand soap. The ingredient Tagetes not only smells wonderful, but also soothes your skin.

Not Just a Shampoo

Good for the hair from the region. It's really not just a shampoo.

Home Accessories


Laundry bag

Laundry bag

Washing clothes today or naked tomorrow... The choice is yours!

Vitalpina room fragrance "Alpina"

Woody notes of Swiss stone pine, mountain pine and juniper combine with the refreshing scent of mountain herbs and forest fruits. Invigorating, like ... [...]

Vitalpina Room Fragrance "Vita"

Relaxing room fragrance "Vita". A symbiosis of the pleasantly warm flair of the south and the soothing scent of the mountains. Here, wood and mountain ... [...]


BLACKROLL® MED Fascia Roller (30 cm x 15 cm)

Soft massage roller for people sensitive to pain, fitness roller for gentle massage, ideal for home, soft hardness, Made in Germany

BLACKROLL® STANDARD - original fascia roller (30 x 15 cm)

Fitness roller for self-massage of back and legs, effective massage roller for functional training, medium hardness, Made in Germany

IXS Bike Helmet

The IXS Trail RS in white was produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces for the Bikehotels Südtirol. Available in sizes S-M and M-L.
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